Is Visual Impact Cardio Really The Ultimate Fat Loss Cardio?

Hey, Kevin here. Let me start out by letting you know up-front that this is not the actual Visual Impact Cardio workout website. You can visit the official website by clicking here.

Instead, this is just my personal website that talks about Rusty Moore’s program and hopefully gives you a little insight into it.

A while back I was hired to design the graphics for the Visual Impact Cardio PDF book and website. And because of this I was given early access. 😀

At the time I was a little soft, a little overweight. Not a lot overweight, but enough. I figured I could use dropping a few pounds of fat so I decided to take the program and run with it … to be the first guinea pig and to put this thing to the test.

Honestly, I figured I would see some good results as long as I stuck to it. So, I promised myself that I wouldn’t quite for 8 straight weeks.

As the weeks went on I was AMAZED at the results I was seeing. I really was. I mean, I knew I’d lose fat but I didn’t realize how fast it would actually go.

I went from soft to pretty dang ripped in only 8 weeks.

Even in just 4 weeks the results were really noticeable.

Now, of course, I ate good and put in the time. This was by no means a “magical” transformation.

These before and after pics took me a lot of work but in the end it was well worth it!

Also, since I was following Rusty’s cardio workout I decided to follow his weight lifting workout, Visual Impact Muscle Building.

Now, let me tell you what I didn’t like about the program.

#1 – It is really scientific and deep … as in kinda’ hard to understand at first.
I mentioned this to Rusty while I was working on the designs and he told me that it was for those who wanted to see the proof and scientific reasoning behind the routines.

I can’t really argue with that but in the end, I recommend just skipping most of the chapters and heading straight for the chapters that outline the routines … those aren’t hard to understand 😀

#2 – The diet info is limited.
Although this isn’t technically a “diet book” it would be nice if there was more information about dieting.

What I do like is that the PDF outlines good strategies for diets, but it doesn’t provide you with exact macros that you should follow. My personal opinion is that you should try to eat low carb, high protein and moderate fat on most days with an all out cheat day once a week.

Overall, I really do like it though. I mean, how can I not like it after getting the results I got!

Below is a little more about the cardio program with a focus on the positives, but honestly, Rusty explains it well on his website too. You can click here to read more about it on the official Visual Impact website or you can always continue reading my $0.02.

Basically, the workout is ALL about burning fat. In the 99 page manual, Moore debunks some of the myths around burning fat and losing weight. As the slogan, “Mastering the SKILL of Losing Body Fat” eludes to, after studying this manual you should be able to burn body fat … well, at least you’ll know how.

But isn’t cardio dead? Hardly. Cardio used to work, does work and will always work. The key is knowing how to setup a cardio workout and how to structure it for consistent and predictable fat loss. Visual Impact Cardio shows you just how to do that.

Click here to visit the official Visual Impact Cardio website.

Rusty starts out the program with a bang. Immediately, he admits that his previous cardio course, Treadmill Ninja Master, was not a game changer. Although it did help many people to get very lean, it just didn’t deliver the same type of research, knowledge and results as Visual Impact Cardio. According to Moore and many others who have now gotten their hands on the course, Visual Impact Cardio is a game changer. You saw how fast I was able to get the results I got.

Moore’s honesty and genuineness really comes across (as usual) in his latest manual. One of the favorite statements found there really hits home to many.

Following the advice of someone who is genetically blessed when it comes to losing body fat, makes sense if you are genetically blessed in the same way. Most of us, including myself, have many trouble spots and stop well short of our fat loss goals with diet alone.” – Rusty Moore

Here are the four areas that will make cardio as effective as possible. These four areas need to be the main focus of the cardio workout:

  1. Calories
  2. Fat
  3. EPOC
  4. HGH

The most important of these four is the total amount fat lost that occurs from the cardio workout itself. However, when all four of these areas are constructed in such a way, fat loss plateaus are minimized and weight loss is becomes consistent.

How is this done?

There are many different forms of cardio that can be viewed as a “good” form of cardio. Some focus on very intense and very short bursts of energy. Other variations of cardio focus on combining as many aspects of exercise into one single “workout” as possible. The truth is that all of these different forms of exercise do have their place. Here are some of the mainstream cardio-type exercises that probably come to mind:

  • Steady State
  • High Intensity Interval Training
  • Tabata Protocol
  • Body Weight Circuits
  • Muscle Confusion Workouts
  • Crossfit
  • Metabolic Resistance Training
  • Zumba

Which is the best? The truth is that all of these forms of cardio are good. What is not obvious though, is how each one of these can drastically be improved upon when your main focus is fat loss. In order to burn fat directly, Visual Impact Cardio outlines the most efficient and effective approaches to optimize fat loss. Whether your favorite exercise is Zumba or Tabata training, you will will learn how to improve the fat burning portion of the workout.

Click here to visit Rusty Moore’s official Visual Impact Cardio website to learn more.

Other sources: For more information and quality reviews and summaries of Rusty Moore’s course, checkout the Visual Impact Cardio Review on this site , the Visual Impact Cardio Review by Kevin or the Review on Fitness B&W.

Results may vary: Throughout this page there has been a bit of hype and excitement directed towards Visual Impact Cardio. In ALL honesty though, the results that you do or do not get depend greatly on how consistent you are as well as how hard you work. While the program and studies found in this course do teach you tested methods of fat loss, none of it works if you don’t apply it. Also, everyone’s results will be unique to their circumstances. Some will lose more than others. Some will have to work harder than others for the same results. In the end, this is a quality fat burning and cardio course, but simply buying it does not result in weight loss … it’s the using it that does.