Health Benefits of Cardio Endurance Exercises

People have to take care of their heart in more than just the romantic sense.  You have to pay attention to your cardiovascular health if you want to live a long and healthy life.  Cardiovascular exercises that pump up the heart and boost circulation are those that involve movement for a stretch of time.  Common examples of cardio training are running, cycling, walking, and swimming.

Then end result is a slow resting heartbeat, for maximum health benefits.

“A slow resting heart rate means your heart is working with ease and efficiency … Exercises which use oxygen (i.e. aerobic exercises) are those which improve cardiovascular fitness.” – Bandolier

Among the most common benefits of cardio endurance exercises include:

Healthy Weight Management

  • Weighing heavier than you should does not only affect the way you look, but also the way you move.  You experience difficulty moving around because you are heavier.  Your movements become limited and you become weaker.  Diet alone is not enough to help you lose weight.  In fact, being thin should not be your priority.  What you should work on is getting to the ideal weight.
  • When you do cardiovascular exercises, your body is able to burn calories faster.  This type of exercises use up energy.  This energy is the one that is present in your adipose tissues – your extra fat.  Glucose is a good source of energy.  When you exercise, your body will first use up the available glucose in your body. When there is no more glucose, your body will target the fat and this is how you will lose weight the healthier way.
  • Additionally, you will have an improved basal metabolic rate (BMR) secondary to increased tone of your muscles.  This means that your body would be able to sustain your metabolic process even when at rest.

Efficient Bodily Functions

  • When you do cardio exercises, the physiology of your body adjusts to your needs.  You will notice that you have a faster heart beat and breathing rate because your heart senses the need to pump more blood to circulate in your body.  When this happens, the oxygen delivery is more efficient and thus you are able to expel the carbon dioxide out of your body.  Better blood and oxygen circulation is necessary to increase your ability to remove the toxins.
  • Several studies show that when you exercise, your ability to perform activities of daily living (ADLs) is improved.  You are able to do more physical activity without easily getting tired.

Better State of Mind

  • The benefits of cardio endurance training do not stop on the physical aspects alone.  They are helpful in improving sleep patterns, decreasing stress and depression. Endorphins, known as the happy hormone, are released when you exercise.  Those who exercise frequently are known to be happier and more satisfied with their life.
  • Moreover, when you have a better physical performance, your emotional health improves as well.  Basically, when you look great; you will feel great about yourself.  You become more confident and improve your outlook in life.  These changes in your attitude would allow you to develop interpersonal relationships better.

Disease Prevention

  • Chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus and cancers are life threatening but they are preventable.  According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), those who exercise regularly benefit from having a reduced risk of developing these diseases.
  • When you exercise, you reduce fat and you enhance your body’s sensitivity to the effects of insulin so you do not develop diabetes.  Cardiovascular exercises are even recommended to those who are diagnosed to have heart diseases.  This is part of the American Heart Association (AHA) rehabilitation program.
  • It is known that you reduce your chances of developing metabolic syndrome of at least 50% when you do cardio exercises.

Improved Bone Density

  • According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cardio endurance exercises help your bones become stronger.  Moderate exercises help you maintain your balance and reduce your risk of injuries that can cause connective tissue problems and affect your mobility.
  • If you are diagnosed with any orthopedic diseases, like arthritis, the more this exercise is recommended for you.  This exercise helps reduce chronic pain and inflammation.

Experts recommend that you do moderate cardio endurance exercise once a week for two to three hours for to enjoy the health benefits.  You need to also take note that if you have special conditions like a present cardiovascular disease, you should check with your physician on the level of exercise that you can perform.  It is best if you test your present physical strength and endurance before proceeding to a more complex program.  Stop living a sedentary lifestyle.  Always make time to exercise even once a week because it would do your body good.