Does Biotrust IC-5™ Work?

The weight loss industry has been growing rapidly over the past few years and this has led to the development of so many products all aimed at helping people to lose weight. Due to the increased demand of thee weight loss products, many companies have aim to supply the market with the “next best thing” but unfortunately most of them are supplying sub-standard products that do not work. It is therefore very crucial for everyone to be careful when selecting these products to ensure that he achieves his desires and also he gets true value for his money.

Let’s look at a weight loss supplement that has been tried and found to be effective: the IC-5™ supplement.

IC-5™ is Biotrust company’s product that works to help people lose weight. It achieves its role through three different ways which includes controlling blood sugar levels, increasing insulin resistance and also partitioning carbohydrates into muscles. Many people would ask, does Biotrust IC-5™ Work? The answer is yes and this answer is backed by the following ingredients which are used to make the supplement.

Cinnamonum Burmannii – This ingredient is extracted from cinnamon back which is harvested in Indonesia. Research has shown that this ingredient has the capacity to control blood glucose levels after taking a meal rich in carbohydrates. In fact it increases glucose metabolism by up to 10 times.

Berberine – Berberine is a rare plant that has been used by Indian healers. It works by promoting signals from insulin to its associated receptors and vice versa. It also promotes the uptake of glucose by skeletal muscles.

Pterocurpus Marsupium – Ayurvedic physicians in India have been using this ingredient for a very long time in the treatment of diabetes. This ingredient is very effective in reducing blood sugar levels. When taken as per instructions, it takes about 2 hours for it to effectively reduce blood sugar level by up to 21%.

4-Hydroxyisoleucine – This ingredient is extracted from Fenugreek herb. It sensitizes insulin receptors in the muscles and this process promotes the conversion of blood sugars in to glycogen while at the same time decreasing the storage of fats. This ingredient has also been observed to prevent the gluconeogenesis, i.e. the conversion of muscles proteins in to blood sugar. This means that weight loss will not involve muscle wasting.

R-Alpha-Lipoic-Acid – This compound promotes insulin sensitivity and at the same time increases glucose transporters in the cell membranes. By doing so, glucose is rapidly cleared from blood thus maintaining the require levels of blood glucose. This compound is also sold as prescription medication to people suffering from diabetes neuropathies.

In short … yes, IC-5™ does work, and it works surprisingly well.

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BioTrust IC-5™ Review

One is supposed to take two capsules of IC-5™ supplement around 15 minutes before taking a meal rich in carbohydrates. The ingredients in the supplement begin their work immediately by increasing the sensitivity of insulin as well as that of glycogen receptors. By so doing, the sugars produced in the blood are directed to the muscles where they are used to supply the body with energy. It is important to note that weight gain will result from excess blood sugars which are converted to fats and then stored under the skin. The good thing with taking IC-5™ supplement is that you do NOT need to reduce your carbohydrates intake to cut weight.

A bottle of IC-5™ supplement will cost you around $67 exclusive of shipping cost. However, the more bottles you buy, the less you pay per bottle for example if you buy 2 bottles, you will pay at the rate of $64.95, if you buy 4 bottles, and you will buy at the rate of $49.95. You can start by buying one bottle and after realizing its effectiveness, you can order the four bottle package.

The supplement also comes with a 1 year 100% Money Back guarantee. This is to say that if you are not happy with the results within the first year of use, you can return the product and still claim 100% of what you spent in buying it. This is a clear indication that the company is sure about its products and it does not shy away from running at a loss as long as they can provide quality products to their clients.


  • The supplement allows you to lose weight without undergoing the stress of checking what you are eating.
  • It is affordable and easy to use.
  • It has no side effects.


  • It’s not available on local stores and this means that you must order from the company’s website.
  • If you are struggling to lose weight, there is no reason why you should not try out IC-5™ supplement. Just go to the company’s website and place your order.

All-in-all, this is a great supplement and if you are a carb lover, like me, I strongly suggest you consider using it. Make sure to watch this short video from BioTrust for more info.