Official Visual Impact Cardio Review And What You Need To Know

My hope is that after reading this Visual Impact Cardio review you will be able to not just see what you get from Rusty Moore’s new cardio workout, but also get to see if it is right for you.

Visual Impact Cardio Review

Before we get into this, let’s clear up a few doubts, questions or concerns.

What Is Rusty Moore Visual Impact Cardio?
Visual Impact Cardio is a fat loss course based on doing cardio. It very well could have been called Visual Impact Fat Loss, but since the program is based on using cardio for fat loss, it wasn’t.

Is Visual Impact Cardio a scam?
Absolutely not! This is a real workout with real routines. No, you will not lose weight if you don’t workout. If you do follow the routines in it, and actually work-out, you will lose weight. The amount of weight you lose depends largely upon how much you need to lose.

Does Visual Impact Cardio work?
Yes, it does work; see above paragraph. Also, you can checkout this review site for a live case study where the program was put to the test.

Where to buy Visual Impact Cardio?
There is only one site that you can buy the program from and that is Rusty Moore’s site.

Click here to visit Rusty Moore’s official Visual Impact Cardio website to learn more.

Let me assure you that this is a real workout and it is very well put together. The author, Rusty Moore, has been in the fitness industry for years and has been focused on helping people to get lean, toned and slim bodies. He started out helping guys get the “Hollywood” look and then shifted his focus towards helping women.

For more about his program for women, you can click here to go to his site or you can finish reading my review.

Visual Impact Cardio

Table of Contents Summary

Below you will find all of the titles to the chapters in Visual Impact Cardio. To be honest, many of the chapters are very deep and scientifically founded. This is good for some, but creates a bit of a headache for others. My recommendation is to simply skim through the entire book once and then go back to re-read it.

What most are looking for will be found chapters 11 to 15; the workouts!

  • Introduction: Losing Body Fat as a “Skill”
  • Chapter 1: Calories Burned After Exercise Don’t Amount to Much
  • Chapter 2: Focus on Calories Burned During the Workout
  • Chapter 3: Calories Burned: Intervals Vs Steady State
  • Chapter 4: A 1 Page Interval Training Summary
  • Chapter 5: How Interval Training Actually Works
  • Chapter 6: Calorie Deficit, Calories Burned, & Fat Loss
  • Chapter 7: Burning Stubborn Body Fat
  • Chapter 8: Calories, Food, and Workout Timing
  • Chapter 9: Improving Popular Fat Loss Programs
  • Chapter 10: Separating Fat Loss & Resistance Training
  • Chapter 11: Visual Impact Cardio Preparation
  • Chapter 12: The Beginner’s Cycle
  • Chapter 13: The Intermediate Cycle
  • Chapter 14: The Advanced Cycle
  • Chapter 15: The Maintenance Plan
  • Chapter 16: Final Thoughts

Why is Visual Impact Cardio so long and in-depth? It is full of cutting-edge approaches, routines and thinking; the scientific backing and explanations provide the reader with all of the proof and facts behind this unique approach to doing cardio.

Click here to visit Rusty Moore’s official Visual Impact Cardio website to learn more.