Official Visual Impact For Women Review

In this Visual Impact For Women Review you will be able to see the table of contents and I’ll give you my opinion of the workout.

If you have doubts or questions about this program, that is common. Before ordering the workout, I had questions like:

  • What Is Visual Impact For Women?
  • Is Visual Impact For Women a scam?
  • Does Visual Impact For Women work?
  • Is it worth the $47?
  • Where can I buy Visual Impact For Women?

Let me assure you, this is a real workout and it is not a scam. The author, Rusty Moore, has been in the fitness industry for many years and has developed unique methods to getting lean and slim. He started out helping guys get the “Hollywood” look and then shifted his focus towards helping women. For more about his program for women, you can click here to go to his site or you can finish reading my review.

If you’d like to watch it, here is a video from Rusty Moore talking about the program and his take on how women should be working out to get slim and feminine. It’s a bit small, but you can view the larger one on Rusty’s site.



Visual Impact For Women Review

Visual Impact For Women is a “workout for the slim and feminine physique.” If you are interested in becoming a bodybuilder, this program is not for you. Instead of building “ripped” or big muscles, this workout program is built on the concept that women should look like women.

With this in mind, you will not get manly after following these routines. These workouts will help you to slim down and maintain a feminine physique. There is even a chapter devoted to losing muscle mass for those who need to do so.

Chapter 19: How to Lose Muscle Mass on Purpose
How To Lose Muscle - Visual Impact For Women

Another chapter that I really think you will like is the one about dieting for an event. This approach helps you lose a lot of fat quick … plus you look extra lean because you will lose a lot of water weight as well.

Chapter 11: Dieting for an Event
Dieting For An Event - Visual Impact For Women

Really, there are many great chapters in this book. Below I’ll give you a list of each of the chapters in both the main manual and in the additional book, Fat Torching Cardio.

Visual Impact For Women Review: Table Of Contents

Visual Impact For Women Review - Main Manual

Visual Impact For Women Review – Main Manual

Main Manual

  • Finally Someone is Listening!
  • Myth Busting
  • Is Cardio Really “Dead”?
  • High-Rep Training
  • Low-Rep Training
  • Training to Failure
  • Free Weights, Machines, and Body Weight Training
  • Yoga
  • Adding Muscle to Burn More Body Fat?
  • Dieting Challenges for Women
  • Dieting Strategies in Detail
  • Dieting for an Event
  • A Flat-Out Effective Cardio Workout
  • How to Customize Your Routines
  • The “Go-To 2 Day Split” – Gym Routine
  • The “3 Days Per Week” – Gym Routine
  • Setting Up a Simple & Effective Home Gym
  • The “Go-To 2 Day Split” – Home Routine
  • The “3 Days Per Week” – Home Routine
  • How to Lose Muscle Mass on Purpose
  • Final Thoughts

In addition to the main manual, the Visual Impact For Women program comes with a separate e-book entitled Fat Torching Cardio. As you will see by skimming the table of contents, this cardio book covers many different techniques for burning fat.

Visual Impact For Women Review - Fat Torching Cardio

Visual Impact For Women Review – Fat Torching Cardio

Fat Torching Cardio

  • Introduction
  • Steady State Cardio
  • Increasing Aerobic Capacity
  • High Intensity Intervals Level 1
  • High Intensity Intervals Level 2
  • Increasing Aerobic Capacity (Intermediate)
  • One Step Back Steady State Cardio
  • High Intensity Intervals Level 3
  • High Intensity Intervals Level 4
  • Hybrid Cardio Level 1
  • Hybrid Cardio Level 2
  • Hybrid Cardio Level 3
  • The Kitchen Sink!
  • Final Thoughts and Tip

Visual Impact For Women Review: Final Thoughts

All in all, this is a very good workout and I think that most women are looking for this kind of program. The pricing is very fair as well. When you consider that one hour with a personal trainer would cost you at least $50 (usually more), the price tag of $47 is very good. I guarantee that you will learn more from this program than by spending one hour with a personal trainer.

Click here to visit Rusty’s official Visual Impact For Women website to learn more